#17 How To Get An Agent

08 November 2020 - 17:51 BY Louw
How do I get an agent?

I get this question a lot and my answer usually gets a bit of a strange response. Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to get an agent.
Agents do amazing work. They do all of those things we usually hate to do: admin, contracts, negotiating with production companies etc. That’s why you pay them a fee for doing this important work. One important thing we should remember is they work for you. You’re paying them to do the job. Be kind and grateful but know that they’re working for you. So take control of your career and discuss your idea or vision for your future with them.
Ok, back to the point. First, you’ll need an agent with whom you can discuss your vision for your career. There are a lot of agencies that get hundreds of emails from actors wanting them to represent them. Their response will usually be: “We need to see what you can do”, “Come in for an audition”, “We’re already full, we’ll need to see a show you’ve done” etc, which makes 100% sense. They can’t just put you on their system without knowing if you can act.
Tool: Make a list of agencies’ email addresses you would like to get in contact with and when you do, give them a solution yourself.
They don’t always have the time to see you perform or to schedule you to come in for an audition. So, find a great monologue which you know will show off your talent and get a friend to help you record this monologue on your smartphone. Record your monologue, do it a few times and make sure you get the best take. Then you email the agents.
Start with the one you really want to be represented by and work your way through the list. After your short and clear email is ready to be sent, you attach that monologue to the email. Give them no choice but to just have a quick peek. Your chances will be better as to having a straight email asking to be represented by them. Now they see you’re willing to go the extra mile and that you really want this.
Don’t give up when you don’t get replies immediately. After a week or two, send a follow-up email. Seek that response and connection. If you really want this, you’ll do whatever it takes. So add a monologue, give them a solution to your problem and let them add more great talent to their books.
How did you find this advice? Did it work for you? What was different this time? Share with the tribe and let’s keep on creating beautiful, honest and memorable performances. Let’s execute our best selves!

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Edwin van der Walt 

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