#26 Three Best Pieces of Acting Advice I Ever Received & A Tool To Find A Mentor

13 April 2021 - 10:45 BY Louw
Three Best Pieces of Acting Advice I Ever Received & Tool To Find A Mentor


You get two kinds of people; those that are busy doing the projects they will soon talk about, and those who talk about the projects they will soon be doing. The truth is those that talk about their projects before starting it usually end up not doing it at all. 


What I learned was to really work hard at executing ideas or projects or actions. Really working hard at memorizing books or films or people mentioned by my mentors. When you find mentors and they drop wisdom-bombs or any valuable resources, you should really go and find these resources and use it, read it, analyze it and find something within it that will help you as an actor. 


A tool to try:

- Identify a person you think will be a great mentor. Do whatever you need to to get a coffee meeting with them; ask around, get their email, DM them… all of this with professionalism and not stalkerish. 

- Draft a message explaining why you would like to see them, what you would like to discuss and also give a time for ex. “It will only take 15min of your time.” 

- Write down 10, yes only 10, questions you would like to ask this possible mentor; only 10 otherwise you’ll have wayyyy too many questions and less focused answers. 

- Try this until someone replies and you have a coffee meeting setup. Don’t settle for No’s. Some mentors want to see you are willing to do whatever it takes to become an actor or better actor. 


I want to share these three best pieces of acting advice I ever received from my mentors:


“Keep on reading; books on psychology, biology, philosophy; see plays, watch films, educate yourself and never forget - there doesn’t exist something like working too hard.” Director Marthinus Basson - in my second year doing my 1st professional play by called Bos. 
“Listen. Don’t try and do anything. Just listen and say your lines.” Actor Stian Bam. During my prepping process for a film called My Father’s War.
“Trust your instinct first.” Director Andre Velts, right before we had to shoot a scene in the film called, Die Pro.

I consider myself so fortunate to be surrounded by these incredible people who’ve taught me so much, basically everything I know about acting. I am grateful for them and I keep on writing down books they mention or what films to watch etc. Then I go and read it or watch it. I’ve never not received something valuable after executing on their mentioned resources. 


I don’t know, as long as I get to evolve and grow as an actor and as a person, that’s the stuff I’m after.

Heath Ledger


How did you find the technique/tool/advice? Did it work for you? What was different this time? Share with the tribe and let’s keep on creating beautiful, honest and memorable performances. Let’s execute our best selves! 

Kind regards 
Edwin van der Walt 

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