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Who We Are

We are two cousins that share a passion for disrupting mediocrity mindsets. At the start of this journey, we were certain about one thing: we wanted to find a practical way to help people become the best version of themselves. Just like you, we knew there is a way to become the person we dream to be.

So off we went. We turned to self-exploration, self-education, books, courses, podcasts, etc. We could not find an online platform that disrupts mediocrity according to the quality and practical level we believe should be available to all of us. When we discovered this, we knew what we had to do - build it ourselves. We decided to execute our passion.

Welcome to NovieGuide, an online educational platform that gives you a practical experience, where exceptional minds teach you specialised skills, where you are guided through self-transformational techniques and where complex subjects are simplified.

Why Us?

When you sit in traffic and that thought pops up, “I wish I had the skills to execute the life I truly want to live...”. What if I told you that your hero, the best in their craft, will teach you the skills you need? This is what we do – we help you get rid of the “what if’s”. We help you connect with the most exceptional minds who will provide you with the tools to become the best version of yourself.

As a tribe, we challenge ourselves as follows: to continue exploring and sharing classes with you on specialised skills, self-transformational techniques and simplifying complex subjects. To be the most authentic, user-friendly and skilled online educational platform in the world. To cultivate world-changers, connecting you with your tribe and to ensure you become the best version of yourself.

In an ever-evolving world, we commit to consistent world-class education.

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