Jenna Breedt

The experience to work with Edwin and NovieGuide was genuinely eye-opening and very insightful. When not having any experience with camera acting, the broad glimpse that this workshop provided into the technical and practical aspects of a day on set helped to develop a different way of thinking when you approach analysing your character, scene and acting style. The biggest obstacle that this experience helped me to overcome was to shatter the uncertainty of how it will be to perform in front of the camera and crew.

Working with Edwin immediately put me at ease. With his down-to-earth and enthusiastic way of presenting the lessons and his wide range of knowledge, taking in all of the advice and suggestions as a student immediately opened a whole new way of creative thinking when learning and portraying lines. The set-up of NovieGuide is very well structured. I learned to practically enhance what I knew of acting by going through different ways on how to take on even the most basic techniques of acting in a more in-depth way.

NovieGuide covered everything about the TV/film industry that I ever wondered about and I will hold on to these lessons whenever I perform. The overall experience was terrific! Edwin and the entire crew are so kind and it was amazing to learn in such a playful environment where it is encouraged to embrace your flaws and learn from mistakes.

What do I think of this workshop as an education platform? Why do I believe this workshop will be a success? How will the workshop help others to succeed?

Because NovieGuide covers so much information, it can awaken an interest in viewers to pursue a career behind the camera or in front of the camera that they might not have known of. I wish that I could have learned these lessons earlier in my life. The fact that these lessons will be available anywhere, to anyone of any age is a fantastic opportunity for teenagers and adults to learn new tricks to implement when performing or to start as a performer.

The exciting thing about this workshop is also that the different lessons can easily be used for actors who are more interested in theatre. Edwin said that he learned the most through his experience in front of the camera. This workshop will help others to succeed because of Edwin's imaginative way to share his experience with the viewers. When watching the lessons, the information that one will obtain can serve as a platform to build up one's own experiences and it will be like a digital handbook to look back on throughout one's career.

Armand Barnard

To work with the NovieGuide Team was one of the best and most influential gigs I have ever done. I felt at ease with the Edwin, my co-stars and the production team because they always provided me with the tools and motivation to produce what was needed. Edwin was fantastic in terms of providing us with new ideas and ways to approach acting, film and in some cases, our own lives.

He was continually motivating us and kept the production team energised.

I think the education platform will be an extraordinary way to provide a foreseeable future to actors through the sheer content and accessibility of it. I do not doubt that NovieGuide will have a future to help provide stability to people who do not know much about the industry and educate people that have a passion for film and acting.

Adriaan Havenga

1.) Working with the NovieGuide team was an absolute privilege. I loved the fact that everyone worked hard to make this work. I also felt free to ask questions about anything - which was great.

2.) I learned so much from Edwin. He really has a way to make learning enjoyable and also to inspire students to do what they love, but more than that, (and I think this is very important) to work hard. Edwin's kindness and interest towards the students and crew (from the director to the sound guy) creates a lively learning atmosphere where the importance of working together is emphasised.

3.) The work that NovieGuide does is excellent and I think that the success does not lie in the results of the students, but in the fact that it creates another dense and fun learning opportunity for anyone eager to learn on their process of growth. If NovieGuide's goal is to inspire people to grow in the practical knowledge of the entertainment industry, then job well done.

Anmarie Oosthuizen

1) Working with NovieGuide and Edwin was a super enriching experience. Edwin created an environment where every person felt like they could take their time and really focus on their characters, not just rush through it.

2) I believe that this is an educational platform that can work because it gives people the means to develop their skill practically, not just from a book. It is also done interestingly and Edwin makes it controlled yet fun to watch and partake.

3) This experience made me realise that when people say "Take your time, we're here for you" you really should take all the time you need to make sure your character is truthful because you have a responsibility towards the people being represented by the character.

Nina Smit

It has always been accepted that there are certain things about film acting you only learn with experience. While that may be partly true, there are many practical tools you can learn to better your craft.

After four years of studying acting for stage performance and having an agent, I felt the need to learn more about film techniques. I wanted to get over the feeling of being lost in a casting room.

While stage acting helps you create an inner landscape (which is crucial for film), film acting is on a different spectrum. It is, in a sense, a much finer craft to master.

I remember speaking to my lecturer at the end of my final year of studies, saying how I wished someone would spend a day with me teaching me film techniques that will have an immediate practical impact on my skill.

NovieGuide did just that. Edwin's teaching style is hands-on and practical. After doing only a few exercises, I already uncovered tools to help with text analysis, blocking and many film-acting tips that will stay with me forever.

I now know what film acting should feel like, and how far I should go into the script to bring about a believable, moving performance. I can't wait to apply the new tools in an upcoming audition.

Now I can enter the casting- and audition space with greater ease, knowing I am not lost anymore. The only thing a camera picks up is the truth, Edwin and NovieGuide have taught me how to harness the truth for film acting performance.

Devonecia Swartz

1) Working with NovieGuide:
"It is a fun and insightful tool that can help clarify questions that first-time film actors may have. I believe that knowing what to expect, how to approach your work as an actor, and understanding the technical aspect of filming is vital."

2) Working with Edwin; experience:
"The workshop was incredibly inspiring. As a drama graduate, I encountered new ways of handling my craft and I owe this to the tips and tricks garnered from Edwin's experiences, which he so eagerly shared. Beautifully encouraging with excitement to pass on knowledge, it was a privilege to be one of Edwin's students.

The experience was tiring but so rewarding. The filming of the workshop gave us a sense of what it was like being on set for a full day. The crew, being industry professionals treated us as such, which made us confident in what we were doing."

3) Why do you think this workshop will be successful?/ How do you think this workshop will help others to succeed?:
"The global reach that the internet provides offers an opportunity for many others to have access to information that they never had before. That is what will make the workshop successful: the accessibility to information.