Edwin van der Walt

Teaches A Practical
Introduction To Film Acting

Class Description

Edwin guides you step by step to become a more dynamic film actor. He provides you with practical tools, exercises, reading material and a behind the scenes look at how a scene is shot. He bridges the gap from studying acting to taking you onto a professional film set.

The class is split into micro-slice lessons for you to watch, learn and complete your challenges anytime, anywhere. You will also receive a certificate after completing all 19 lessons and uploading your challenges.

You will be able to connect with your fellow acting tribe members online and give each otherfeedback on challenges. Edwin will also make himself available to do a live Q&A session. Included is a workbook with over 200 pages that will be your study guide during each lesson.

The workbook also contains extra resources that will help you write your own film, ten steps to a better self-tape audition, learn film shot sizes and camera lenses, character questions list to develop your role, Edwin's most important book recommendations and more.

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